Why does my dog do that?: Knead and suck his bedding


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gillykat: I'm off Sunday, Monday & Tuesday so as the forecast isn't fantastic I'm going to catch up on a few jobs that need doing around the house, finish the 4 penpal letters remaining and perhaps get out for a walk. Aug 22, 2014 19:34:41 GMT
caz2golden: I will also be at AADS on Sunday alfimummy, weather looks better on that day! I will be hiding out in friends trade stand at a guess for most of the day but will be around arena 2 at midday and 3pm. I also have a shopping list as long as my arm :D Aug 23, 2014 14:40:52 GMT
alfiemummy: We're hoping to get there quite early (we have a bit of a way to come!) and move onto the beach before we go home. Keep an eye out for the scruffiest spaniel :D Aug 23, 2014 14:47:01 GMT
scallywag: Oh have fun guys :D Aug 23, 2014 14:57:33 GMT
caz2golden: I am also wanting to arrive early but cant remember what time I am allowed in!! Aug 23, 2014 16:02:44 GMT
caz2golden: Had a wonderful day at all about dogs. My dogs have been spoiled rotten (again!). Gypsy did me proud in the demos and Phoebe was a star being hearth rug with Gladys :D Aug 24, 2014 20:12:07 GMT
gillykat: Yaaayyy glad you had a good day :D Aug 24, 2014 22:08:44 GMT
alfiemummy: We also had a fabulous day at all about dogs, we went to Southwold afterwards so expect plenty of photos when I've managed to get them all on here later :D Aug 25, 2014 9:59:41 GMT
scallywag: So quiet on here of late ::) Aug 27, 2014 14:05:21 GMT
gillykat: You mean Gilly ain't gassing away to herself on here? ;) (rofl) Early to work this morning then home, shower, breakfast and then off out to Hexham for the day. Then home by 6pm, cook dinner, watch dvd and now he's gone to bed I can net-head again :P Aug 27, 2014 21:40:19 GMT
caz2golden: Been thinking the same Scallywag. You could never do that Gilly :) Aug 27, 2014 22:26:38 GMT
scallywag: Once winter sets in and dark nights, it may pick up on here again :D Aug 28, 2014 12:13:58 GMT
gillykat: That's one of the joys of dark winter nights.....an excuse to potter on the pooter and catch up on writing letters :) Aug 28, 2014 16:58:53 GMT
caz2golden: Dreading the dark nights, hate night walking the dogs on lead around houses with traffic blaring past continuously! Give me the long summer evenings having fun down the beach or on the fields :D Aug 28, 2014 21:22:34 GMT
gillykat: That's the downside ;-| Not much fun walking dogs on a winter's evening. Aug 29, 2014 8:52:26 GMT
caz2golden: Congratulations to Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro on becoming world champions :D Aug 29, 2014 21:26:48 GMT
gillykat: Ooooh that's WONDERFUL news!!!! :D Shame there's barely even a tiny column in the papers about what is the equivalent of football's world cup....but which GB is SO fabulous at unlike those overpaid nancy boys!!! :P Aug 30, 2014 8:34:02 GMT *
migsy: It's horrible walking dogs on dark cold rainy sometimes icey evenings in Winter,so promptly changed that routine when we adopted Skip,his last walk is 4p.m. and he gets let into the garden after that. Sadly not an option for anyone without a garden. Aug 30, 2014 19:09:45 GMT
proboardsuser: hello Aug 31, 2014 2:25:30 GMT
proboardsuser: I would like to walk your dogs in the rain. I rather enjoy a good rain and also enjoy watching and cleaning the faeces they deposit. My dogs dislike the rain immensely and it pains me. Aug 31, 2014 2:26:39 GMT