Why does my dog do that?: Knead and suck his bedding


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gillykat: I've been lucky so far....cats are ignoring the tree :D Dec 7, 2014 14:08:14 GMT
beaglel1fe: Cats climbing the tree? My 3 year old sister is trying to climb the tree! Dec 8, 2014 18:22:42 GMT
gillykat: Just picked up Kitten and still got ALL my fingers and NO scratches or bites!!! Fully expected to lose at least a pint or two of blood (rofl) Dec 8, 2014 19:14:21 GMT
beaglel1fe: You can only guess how happy I am!! Came home with only one piece of homework (we usually get around 4 pieces) and then trained Poppy. Taught her to put her paws on a small wooden toddler's trike and push it along! Family were like :o Dec 9, 2014 19:09:36 GMT
milliepup04: Aww! Well done! I only got one bit today too, so got to walk Millie at lunchtime! Dec 9, 2014 20:06:03 GMT
beaglel1fe: Bet she loved that! Dec 9, 2014 21:09:42 GMT
k9davidscott: K9 Dog Obedience Training, Australia is located on the Central Coast, 35 Minutes from Sydney and 45 Minutes from Newcastle, provides Dog Training and here you can also find friendly Dog boarding experience. Dec 11, 2014 6:06:05 GMT
gillykat: Don't think we have an Aussie members on here, do we? I live roughly 45 mins from Newcastle....but I think we're talking different hemispheres :) Dec 11, 2014 9:58:57 GMT
beaglel1fe: I got hit by a door at school today and it hurt!!!! :( Dec 11, 2014 19:36:56 GMT
caz2golden: I can drive to California but I am not in the US! Dec 11, 2014 20:13:19 GMT
beaglel1fe: I'm going on the French exchange!! So happy!! And Poppy got her blanket I made in textiles today too. Dec 12, 2014 18:21:06 GMT
milliepup04: That's great! I'm sure Poppy loves her blanket! I had to make a doorstop a few years ago, it was meant to be Millie but the teacher did the head and it ended up looking like a sheep! Dec 12, 2014 19:00:32 GMT
beaglel1fe: So excited!!! Poppy and I will be starting up agility in the new year! Dec 15, 2014 18:26:01 GMT
gillykat: Ooooh brilliant - I'd love to do agility one day :D Dec 15, 2014 21:19:30 GMT
BorderTerrier: Agility is the best - not at all biased LOL ;) Dec 19, 2014 17:30:59 GMT
gillykat: Cor Blimey!!!! It's freeeeeezing!!!!! :-X I'm indoors yet cannot seem to get warm tonight!!! ;-| Dec 19, 2014 20:39:44 GMT
beaglel1fe: it's decent weather where I am!!!!! Went out in just three layers today, none of them particulary thick either!!!!!!!!! Dec 19, 2014 21:20:11 GMT
gillykat: Just THREE layers? That's a freezing day at Stag Rocks in February for me (rofl) I've warmed up now....put the halogen heater on a small table and switched it on just inches from me and now I'm all toastie :D Dec 19, 2014 21:22:34 GMT
gillykat: Neil came home from nightshift absolutely frozen too - he said it was the coldest he'd been for a long while! :-X Dec 20, 2014 10:05:01 GMT
beaglel1fe: It's to get colder - apparently it's coldest after Christmas. Dec 20, 2014 19:49:02 GMT