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scallywag: Shame, Beau is currently all four in the air and still snoring Caz :D Jul 26, 2015 22:22:46 GMT
alfiemummy: What game were you playing Caz? Jul 26, 2015 22:23:11 GMT
caz2golden: Think as Ms Jone put it 'Bedfordshire' is calling! :D Jul 26, 2015 22:23:26 GMT
scallywag: Caz trouble being invisible, is, you don't know whos on LOL. gypsy or zahada could even be here and we not know it LOL Jul 26, 2015 22:24:15 GMT
scallywag: What ? Sounds a strange game (rofl) Jul 26, 2015 22:25:16 GMT
ebony: I'm here, got busy with something else <3 Jul 26, 2015 22:30:17 GMT
scallywag: Ha ha know the feeling ebony. Got snoring here in stereo , or should I say ECHO :D Jul 26, 2015 22:31:09 GMT
ebony: I had washing face in stereo from Ebony and Tigger earlier washing their own faces lol Jul 26, 2015 22:35:47 GMT
scallywag: LOL did you get the rain today ? Jul 26, 2015 22:41:19 GMT
scallywag: Oooo look at the time ::) best go get some shut eye , if I leave it much later I will get past it, then be awake for another couple hours ::) Jul 26, 2015 22:43:48 GMT
ebony: It was raining yesterday and is raining again today ;-| Jul 27, 2015 9:59:56 GMT
caz2golden: (rofl) Alfimummy and Scallywag it is Happy Acres :D Jul 27, 2015 11:53:17 GMT
scallywag: Is it dying off :-S Jul 27, 2015 20:33:40 GMT
alfiemummy: Is that like Farmville Caz? Jul 27, 2015 20:47:00 GMT
caz2golden: Never played farmville but I imagine they are all very similar :) Jul 27, 2015 20:58:36 GMT
alfiemummy: I wouldn't like it then, I hate farmville (rofl) Jul 27, 2015 21:07:47 GMT
caz2golden: I keep filling my barn and silo but not progressing very well!! :) Jul 27, 2015 21:25:39 GMT
getbunnybox: The rain just keeps on coming! Jul 28, 2015 9:46:07 GMT
ebony: I'm exhausted from work Jul 28, 2015 21:26:30 GMT
sodapop: Had a cuddle with a gorgeous staffie pup today. Told the owner I was taking her home (rofl) Jul 30, 2015 20:49:12 GMT