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CurlyCub: :) Apr 12, 2014 10:58:36 GMT
BorderTerrier: Thanks bellame, you too :) Apr 12, 2014 14:59:20 GMT
gillykat: Aaaah finished work so can relax now :D No more customers until Monday morning so hopefully my throat will be better by then cos it's been VERY painful to talk today :-X And for a gasbag like me it's hard NOT to chatter away (rofl) Apr 12, 2014 17:52:51 GMT
bellame: Thanks CurlyCub, BorderTerrier and gillykat! Hope it's been a good one for all of you :) Awwww what's beeen wrong with your throat gillykat?! Hope it's on the mend especially now you've had the weekend to let it get better! Oh I'm a chatterbox too (rofl) Apr 13, 2014 14:36:15 GMT
gillykat: I've just had a bit of a flu bug and whilst I'm over the aching joints and sweats now, I've still got a bit of a cough. Oh, and absolutely NO appetite whatsoever :-X Being off today has helped me rest my throat and Neil enjoyed his quiet wife :P Apr 13, 2014 15:57:00 GMT
gillykat: Gorgeous sunny day outside and I'd REALLY love to go out for a walk but I just don't have the energy :-/ Gotta be sensible and rest so I recover from this flu and later in the week I can go out properly :) Apr 13, 2014 15:58:28 GMT
BorderTerrier: CC, you there? :) x Apr 13, 2014 17:53:43 GMT
lotsofcats: Hope that you get better soon gillycat. I hope that Neil is looking after you. Apr 13, 2014 20:07:55 GMT
bellame: I can only sympathise and wish you a speedy recovery as I suffered that a few weeks ago and it totally floored me! I seriously don't know how I struggled into work the Tuesday and Wednesday but I had to give into it on the Thursday! Apr 13, 2014 22:29:16 GMT
bellame: The cough is defo the hardest part to shift - it takes weeks for it to go away! I'm sure Neil hasn't thought that about his lovely wife at all *cough* ;) Apr 13, 2014 22:30:53 GMT
bellame: Yeah there was some lovely spells of weather in Glasgow today but like you I just had no energy to go out. Work worries are taking over, and even though I really had to do some serious job hunting today I took time out to relax and think instead :) Apr 13, 2014 22:32:34 GMT *
q2opbat: Im back Apr 14, 2014 15:21:50 GMT
gillykat: Hello.....did you have a nice walk with your dogs in the sunshine today? Apr 15, 2014 18:48:52 GMT
milliepup04: Yes thanks! Millie and I had two lovely off lead walks today! Millie had a lovely run! Apr 15, 2014 19:18:33 GMT
alfiemummy: We had some nice walks today, there was a bit of a chilly wind but no rain so can't complain too much! Apr 15, 2014 20:08:19 GMT
scallywag: Another nice day on the cards :D Apr 16, 2014 6:31:39 GMT
BorderTerrier: Just had a lovely sunny dog walk round the woods area :) Apr 16, 2014 16:25:58 GMT
scallywag: Helloooooooooo any one about ::) Apr 17, 2014 21:14:26 GMT
smilesbetter: I went to the dog park today with a very energetic Rosa, desperate to get her some play with other dogs to release the energy off lead, and there wasn't a single other dog there!! Just two young boys with water pistols. Pah :( Apr 17, 2014 22:29:17 GMT
smilesbetter: And we had to leave as the boys kept encouraging her to jump up despite me telling them not to loads. She did get very wet and muddy though, so no change from our usual dog park visits on that side of things! Apr 17, 2014 22:30:34 GMT