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gillykat: Aaaaah that's better.....much cooler now :D 18c according to the thermometer :) Jul 1, 2015 18:58:36 GMT
ebony: Tigger did an Ebony this evening - she got my house and next door mixed up and decided to yowl outside next door wanting "in", bless her <3 Jul 1, 2015 20:50:51 GMT
scallywag: Lovely and Coooooool :D Jul 3, 2015 7:15:42 GMT
ebony: Tigger's blaming me for the fact she's been trying to hunt a fly and it keeps getting away lol Jul 3, 2015 9:50:54 GMT
beaglel1fe: ASDAs air conditioned at least, I think I'll go in there when it's next hot again :D (rofl) Jul 3, 2015 17:04:39 GMT
gillykat: I was in our local Co-op at 5pm and they had HEATING on!!!!!! :o There's definitely something wrong with that company's heating system because even 17 years ago the Whitley Bay co-op was exactly the same! :-/ Jul 3, 2015 17:29:39 GMT
gillykat: Aaaaaaah perfection.....Town Called Malice FULL BLAST on the radio!!!!!!! :D I'll wake up the neighbours!!!!! :P Jul 3, 2015 17:58:56 GMT
beaglel1fe: I've been writing a French exchange project practically all night... it's a diary and I've done 1.5 pages on just the journey - and we've only just got into France! Jul 3, 2015 19:59:28 GMT
scallywag: Night all, chat tomorrow :D Jul 3, 2015 23:13:40 GMT
gillykat: Oh disembowelled lion ::) My evil Chihuahua has ripped his throat open and stuffing is EVERYWHERE!!!!! :o (rofl) Jul 4, 2015 18:48:46 GMT *
beaglel1fe: Oh dear Jul 4, 2015 20:02:43 GMT
gillykat: Perhaps she's not half Pug but actually half Ridgeback (rofl) Instead of keeping the lion at bay she decided to finish him off herself ::) Looks like Mummy will be sewing him up as she was really keen on this toy :) Jul 5, 2015 9:01:10 GMT
caz2golden: lol Gillykat, please post picture of the poor lion. Has Cazypops Jasper got competition then as chief toy destroying dog (and therefore top dog toy tester)? Jul 5, 2015 14:22:10 GMT
gillykat: Will do :D I doubt it's anything as thorough as Jasper could do tho'....he's a professional exterminator with years of practice whereas Holly is only 14 months old and, from what I can gather, not (yet!) had a chance to be a proper dog :P Jul 5, 2015 14:48:21 GMT *
gillykat: Pic is up - in the Daily Photo Thread :) Jul 5, 2015 15:11:39 GMT
milliepup04: She'd have had real competition with Millie a few years ago, the amount of 'indestructible' dog toys she went through! :D Jul 5, 2015 16:17:20 GMT
gillykat: Whoops....walk on the Pastures...thunderstorm blew soggy little Chihuahua :-S She was NOT happy!!! (rofl) All dry now & about to tuck into her supper :) Jul 5, 2015 19:22:55 GMT
scallywag: Soooooo quiet on here this morning :D Jul 7, 2015 10:07:02 GMT
gillykat: Day off for me and I didn't get up until 9.30am :D After yesterday's early shift then busy all day, beach walk then watching a dvd *2nd Marigold Hotel* I just crashed at 10pm and slept like a log until Chilli woke me at 5am for food. Jul 7, 2015 10:22:53 GMT